Eagle Sky Sewer

Location: Wayne County



The project consisted of constructing all water, sanitary sewer, and gas lines for the 5,000 acre camp which, includes approximately: 90,000 linear feet of water lines with pipe sizes ranging from 3” to 10”, 6,800 linear feet of 8” gravity sewer with 22 pre-cast manholes, 29,000 linear feet of force mains with pipe sizes ranging from 4” to 12”, 6 lift stations, 38,500 linear feet of MDPE yellow gas pipe, 2,300 linear feet of directional boring for 8” and 12” carrier pipe.  

The project had a very aggressive schedule starting in April of 2014 and had to be completed by December 2014 in order for the camp to open in the 2015 season. RCI completed walking bridges at this location in 2013. As a testimony of RCI’s level of professionalism and workmanship, additional work was added to the original contract scope during the project.  This included two 300,000 gallon water storage tanks, lake water intake structure, water treatment plant, and a 3,000,000 gallon sanitary sewer lagoon.  No additional time was given for the additional work, but with RCI’s abundant resources and equipment to utilize the original time frame was still met.