Lacroix Bridge, Cape Girardeau, MO

Location: Cape Girardeau County, MO

Size: 386’ Bridge

Value: $3,372,230.50RCI

RCI is serving as the general contractor for the replacement of an existing concrete bridge over LaCroix Creek in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  The existing bridge suffered damage in June of 2013, when large sinkholes formed adjacent to the north end of the existing bridge.  The City of Cape Girardeau and Buzzi Unicem, a nearby cement plant, worked to get the sinkholes filled in as it was causing flooding issues into the nearby Buzzi Unicem quarry.  As a result of the sinkhole activity, the bridge footings became unstable and the bridge suffered damage and had to be closed due to potential collapse.  This project includes removal and replacement of an existing waterline attached to the bridge, concrete street construction, sinkhole remediation and bridge demolition and replacement. The project design firm determined the potential sinkhole locations by accomplishing exploratory drilling during the design phase of the project.  RCI will excavate those sites up to 25 feet deep and install concrete caps on the mouth of the potential sinkholes.  The concrete sinkhole caps include vertical large diameter High Density Polyethylene piping that is used for both monitoring sinkhole activity and grouting operations should those areas become active.  The new bridge will have four concrete support bents with concrete girders and a concrete deck that span both LaCroix Creek and the large sinkhole areas on the north end of the existing bridge.