Monette Bypass

Location: Hwy 18 at Monette, AR.

Size: 3.2mi

Value: $13,872,298.80

RCI constructed a 3.2 -mile multi-lane bypass on Hwy 18 at Monette, AR. The bypass is part of an ongoing effort to widen Highway 18 from Jonesboro to Blytheville. The project is one of two along the HWY 18 corridor that were made possible due to the Connecting Arkansas Program which is one the largest highway construction programs ever undertaken by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.The project consists of approximately 300,000 CY of grading, aggregate base, asphalt paving, four bridge length box culverts, a composite 329ft W-beam bridge constructed in two stages, and other misc. roadway items. It also includes grading and paving work along Hwy 139 in Monette and Craighead County Rd 541.